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Alter Your Life Издательство: Oak Haven, 2003 г Мягкая обложка, 142 стр ISBN 0974542784 инфо 2090z.

The themes that rule our lives today are, "I just don’t have time" and "I’m exhausted" We are overbooked, overworked and overwhelmed Just getting done what must be done fills our days Thбшаиаe notion of finding a precious hour or two to learn how to create balance, reduce our stress and discover an intentional life to soothe our aching souls is simply out of the question This book provides an alternative to the struggle to "make time" for renewaвжрржl We can discover how to live an intentional life in a manner that requires no doctrine, no memorization of a new vocabulary, no trekking off to distant holy lands It does not require us to change our jobs, our lifestyle or transplant our personalities It doesn’t even require any additional time We can develop our own unique personal practices that can help us return "home" once we realize that we are out of balance In time these practices will become an effortless and впъциrestorative part of living an intentional life of mental, physical and spiritual well being This book offers tools to help you find your own unique choices that will bring greater balance to your demanding life These simple effective tools, based on age-old, time-honored medical, psychological and spiritual knowledge and wisdom, will soon become second nature and bring with them a greater sense of ease and fulfillment You have the capacity to "re-vision" your life, and this book is a guide to developing that capacity You can develop your own unique practicesthat will allow you to explore your magnificent life in every aspect of your existence Автор Кэтлин Хол Kathleen Hall.

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